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Digital educational tool. Transform the archive image: process of creation and education- proposed by LIEUX FICTIFS

Educational tool. Transform the archive image: process of creation and education. FOLLOW THIS LINK: Artistic, educational and social issues. This digital pedagogical tool was realized from an exploratory workshop conducted in Marseille in 2016: Habiter la Ville, Habiter une Image (Living in the City, Living an Image) co-elaborated by a technical teacher of the…


  Over the past years, we have been interested in the question of the evaluation of the impact produced by an artistic action directed towards various publics, mostly inside at first, since it was from prison that this thought became absolutely necessary. We had to be able to name what was taking place, escape the…
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Interactive database “Memory images, mirror images”- proposed by LIEUX FICTIFS

The interactive database “Memory images, mirror images” The database lists all 251 short films made between 2009 and 2013 I in the frame of the collaborative creation workshops conducted in France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Germany and Lebanon. Designed for the exhibition in la Friche Belle de Mai from June to July 2013, this database allows…